So Many Costumes!

Today, we began the process of organizing all of the recital costumes so the teachers can begin passing them out to the students next week. With over 700 students, it’s a huge undertaking but also very exciting! I know the kids will be thrilled to get their costumes. They should be either finished or nearly finished learning their recital dances and having the costumes just makes recital feel even more real for them. In honor of all this costume sorting, here is a picture of me in my tap costume from my very first recital back in 1991. I was 4 years old and we danced to You’re a Grand Old Flag. It’s a little special because this year, I’m using the same song for my own kindergarten tap class. What’s sad is that I still have this costume in a box in my mom’s storage unit…


R.A.D. Letter

I finally received my R.A.D. Letter showing that I passed Year 1 and have been recommended to continue my studies in Year 2. Better late than never, I suppose. It came all the way from Sweden!