New Accessories

Check out these shiny new accessories I now have in my life! One for me, and one for my car. The best part is, these beauties only cost me five dolla!

Seriously, though, I am SO excited to not be hopping around my house like the Energizer Bunny and having to use crutches to fully support my weight when I want to go farther than just across the room. I’m so excited, in fact, that I just vacuumed our large sofa. Did you hear that, I cleaned?!

For those of you that don’t know me very well, I am not the cleaning type. I clean, sparingly. Okay, mainly when I know people are going to be viewing my living space. On top of that, I strongly dislike my vacuum. Except for this one little, special attachment that is specially for removing pet hair from furniture. That part of my vacuum, I love. So I have just used that beloved part of my vacuum to get rid of all the dog hair that was on our main sofa, and let me tell you, I have two extremely shedding beasts over here. Okay, maybe three if you count my husband.

I am just so excited to be balancing on two legs again! Who knows what else I’ll be able to accomplish now!




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