Playtime at the Park!

Blake and I finally got Ruthie out to the dog park and she loved it!

I was so excited because Ruthie and Scooter would play with each other, with other dogs together and also with other dogs separately. I was afraid that Ruthie would be attached to Scooter the whole time and only go where he went, but she didn’t! They even ran though the water together! It also helped that it was a beautiful day and there were LOTS of other doggies there. This made me worried that we wouldn’t be able to keep track of two dogs at the same time. I know, I worry a lot. It’s kind of my thing. But in my defense, over half of the dogs that were there were little white dogs like ours.

Here are some of Ruthie’s best pictures. She’s not nearly as good as staying still and posing like Scooter is, but we’re working on it. Next week is Spring Break and I am SOOOO excited. We’re taking the puppies to the Texas Paw Party at Old Town Spring on Saturday and hopefully the weather will be nice so I can get them back out to the dog park some time during the week as well.


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