Revenge of the Turds

I know, it’s not a very desirable title but it’s honestly the most appropriate.

I have cleaned up more poop in the last week than I ever cared to. I have smelled more poop than I ever thought I would before having an infant to care for. I have even smelled it on my dog’s breath…

When a dog jumps into your lap and licks your face and all you smell is doggie doo – you know you’ve hit an all-time low.

I’m not sure what is going on with Miss Ruth, but she poops about once an hour and then, if I don’t clean it up quickly, she attempts to eat the poop. The stairs are her “secret” hiding place. I think I could smell dog poop from about a mile away. I wake up, fearful that there’s some awful pile of brown stink lying somewhere in the apartment. This dog may be a year old, but she’s definitely behind in maturity. She doesn’t even come and tell me that she needs to go out, she just hides and poops. It’s about to drive me crazy.

Instead, I’ve decided to post some pictures of the puppies being cute. Oh, and also of my husband being cute. So, there you go. Happy pooping.


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