Callie’s Vet Pharmacy

That’s what I feel like I’m running now, Callie’s Vet Pharmacy.

Not only did Ruthie girl have tapeworms and needed medication but now she’s home from her spay and of course, she has pain meds. Funny thing, she didn’t come home with a cone. She did, though, come home with instructions to not climb any stairs for three days. What do we have right as you walk in our front door? Yep, stairs.

Scooter has been on medication for over a week now for both a cough and some scabbing that popped up on his back paw after a trip to the dog park. If that wasn’t enough medication, I got a call tonight from the vet saying that Ruthie’s sample from Tuesday came back positive for other intestinal parasites and she has two more medications for me to pick up as soon as possible.

I just hope the dogs get better soon and that neither Blake nor I come down with anything ourselves.


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